View multiple streams. Photos can be displayed inline. Icons are shown on posts with location, photo, video and/or rich content annotations.

The detailed post view can display multiple photos per post. Video and rich content can also be displayed for posts with those annotations.

The detailed post view can display location information using an embedded map control.

Thread view shows replies in a hierarchical format, so you can see exactly what post was replied to. You have the ability to collapse sections of the thread to make it easier to read.

Selecting a post in thread view shows detailed user information.

Numerous preferences let you customize the user interface.

Set refresh rates individually on all the different stream types.

Ferret supports multiple accounts.

With Ferret, you can view multiple auto-refreshing streams at one time and rearrange your streams using drag and drop. The following stream types are available:

You can set the refresh rate for each stream type in your preferences. The minimum refresh rate is every 10 seconds. The maximum is every 180 seconds. Also in your preferences, you can set whether columns are sorted ascending or descending by post date/time.

Other features of Ferret are:

How to get it:

  1. Get an account

    Visit and sign up for an account. You can get an account for free.

  2. Install Ferret from the Windows Store
    Ferret is available for free in the Windows Store.
    Click the link above to view it in the store, or search for "Ferret". It is listed in the Social category.

View the release notes to see the changes and known issues in the most recent release.