Release notes for RTM Release 4

New/changed in this build:

  1. Notifications

    This update includes live tile and toast notifications for mentions, new followers, stars and reposts. It is up to the user to opt in to each individually using the new Notifications Preferences detailed below. Ferret does not have to be running for you to receive either type of notification.

    If you choose to be notified by toast, a small toast notification will appear in the upper right hand corner of your screen when a notification is received. Clicking the toast will launch Ferret, and depending upon the type of notification, Ferret will automatically navigate to a particular screen. If it is a new follower, you will be taken to the user profile screen of that user. If it is a mention, a repost or a star, you will be taken to the detail view for that post. Currently, this works well for mentions, but is not optimal for reposts nor stars, since it just displays your original message, and not information about who starred or reposted it. This will be addressed in upcoming releases of Ferret.

    If you choose to be notified by live tile, the Ferret tile on your Start screen will cycle through the last few notifications (up to 5). Clicking the tile will launch Ferret. There is currently no way for the tile to pass parameters to Ferret so a specific post or user could be displayed, as is done with the toast notifications.

  2. Notifications preferences

    You can set your notifications preferences from the Settings charm. They all default to No, so if you want to receive notifications, you will have to edit them.. The preferences are as follows:

    • Enable live tile notifications
    • Enable toast notifications
    • Notify me when someone follows me
    • Notify me when someone mentions me
    • Notify me when someone reposts one of my posts
    • Notify me when someone stars one of my posts

    Note: after making a change, it can take up to 30 seconds for the changes to be propagated to the notification server.

Bugs fixed in this build:

Known issues:

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