Release notes for Beta Release 1

New/changed in this build:

  1. Detailed Post View

    There is a new preference named "What should happen when you select a post?" It defaults to "Show detailed post/user window", which is described in the next paragraph. To return to the old behavior, change the preference to "Show the app bar".

    "Show detailed post/user window" will cause a new "floating" window to appear at the top of the screen when you select a post. It will show detailed information about the post you selected, including details (post count, follower count, following count, etc.) about the poster. You can follow/unfollow and mute/unmute from this view, as well as reply, repost, and view the thread that the post belongs to. If it is a post you made, there will be a Delete button shown so you can delete the post. To close the window, click the Close button, or right-click/tap the post you selected. The ability to set the location where this window appears (left, center, or right) can be accessed from the bottom app bar. The button is labeled Detail View Docking.

    "Show the app bar" will cause the bottom app bar to be shown when select a post. From the app bar, you can choose to reply, repost or view the thread. If you choose Reply or Repost (or New Post from the bottom app bar when a post is not selected), the window that is shown at the top of the screen now floats/overlays the screen, instead of causing the stream columns to resize. The benefit of this is to eliminate a performance/crashing issue, which is explained more below in the Bugs Fixed section.

  2. Screen Header

    The header on each screen has been changed. Previously, your username was a link to the home screen. Now, it is a link to your user profile. The words "Following" and "Followers" were links to screens that listed those. Those words are no longer links. You can view your followers/following on your user profile screen.

  3. User Profiles

    The user profile screen is new. You can view all the information about a user including a sampling of recent posts, and their list of followers, and following users. You can access a user's profile from the home screen by clicking their user name in the header of their stream. Currently, if you click a username in a post, it opens that user's stream. I will be making that a preference in the next build so you can set it to navigate to that user's profile screen instead. In the next build, you will also be able to navigate to the user profile from the Detailed Post View. Click a user in either the Followers or Following lists to view that user's profile.

    Under the user's photo, in addition to Follow/Unfollow and Mute/Unmute buttons, there is a new button labeled Add Stream to Main Screen. That will load the user's stream into the first column on the main screen. I'm not 100% happy with this as you can't see that it has loaded and there is currently no notification when you click the button. I will try to improve on that in upcoming builds.

Bugs fixed in this build:

Known issues: