Release notes for Beta Release 2

New/changed in this build:

  1. Starring posts

    This update includes support for starring and unstarring posts. Starring is a way to mark a post. The meaning is up to the end-user. It could mean it's a favorite post of yours, or you want to reply to it later, or it contains a link you want to view later. To star a post, click/tap the Add Star button on the bottom app bar or Detailed Post View. Once you have starred a post, the button text will change to Remove Star.

    You can view your list of starred posts by choosing Add Stream/My Starred Posts from the bottom app bar.

  2. Native repost

    This build includes support for native reposting. Native reposting is a way to repost a post without adding any comments. So, the Repost button now has this behavior. If you click/tap the Repost button, it will immediately be reposted to The button text will then change to Un-Repost, which you can use if you decide you want to remove the repost.

    If you want to repost something and add comments (which was the previous behavior of the Repost button), use the new Comment button.

  3. Usernames

    Clicking/tapping a username anywhere in the app now takes you to the user's profile page. This change was made so the behavior is consistent throughout the app. The previous behavior in some places was to open a new stream with that user's posts. Now, to add the user's stream to the main screen, you can use the button on the profile page, or the button in the Detailed Post View window.

Known issues: