Release notes for Beta Release 3

New/changed in this build:

  1. Preferences

    The preferences have been split into two groups. There is a new preferences screen just for Refresh Rate Preferences. The rest remain on the General Preferences screen.

    You can now set the refresh rate for My Starred Posts on the Refresh Rate Preferences screen.

    The maximum delay for refresh rates has been extended to 180 seconds.

  2. Excluded keywords

    There is a new screen on the Settings menu titled Excluded Keywords. You can add/edit/delete keywords ("iphone", "politics", etc.) that you would like to exclude from all streams. As each post is loaded from, all the text is scanned and if it contains any of the excluded keywords, it will not be added to the stream. The comparison is case-insensitive. All the text in the post is searched including hashtags and URLs.

    Note: currently, any changes you make are only applied to new posts that are loaded. Streams are not retroactively filtered if you add/edit/delete a keyword. If you want your changes to be applied, you will need to remove, then re-add the stream, or restart the application.

    The ability to exclude specific hashtags and clients (IFTT, etc.) will be added soon.

  3. Cursor placement

    When replying to a post, the cursor is now placed at the end of the text. When commenting on a post, the cursor is placed at the beginning (same as previous behavior).

  4. Current user data refresh

    Your user data (including your number of Followers/Following at the top of each screen) is automatically refreshed every 60 seconds now.

  5. Code refactoring

    Much of the core code has been refactored in preparation for some new features I am working on. Please let me know if you find any issues.

Bugs fixed in this build:

Known issues: