Release notes for RTM Release 1

This is the first non-Beta release of Ferret. It was published in the Windows Store under my business account, which means you will need to uninstall the Beta version you currently have installed, and then install the new version from the Windows Store.

New/changed in this build:

  1. Annotation support

    Support for viewing annotations has been greatly expanded. You can now view location, photo, video and rich content annotations.

    Each post in a stream will display icons in the post header to indicate if it has location, photo, video and/or rich content annotations. You can choose to display photos inline with the post by setting that preference in General Preferences. To view the other annotations, you will need to view the detail view for the post.

    The screenshot below shows the 4 different annotation icons.

    • Camera icon = this post has one or more photos
    • Globe icon = this post has rich content
    • Map point icon = this post has location information
    • Video camera icon = this post has a video

    If the post contains a rich content annotation that can be identified as audio, it will be embedded within Ferret. Otherwise, a link will be displayed so the content can be loaded into your web browser.

    Note: the ability to add photos to posts will be added soon, along with the ability to render audio and video links that are attached to posts.

  2. Detail view

    The detail view has been overhauled. There was not enough room to display all the annotation types with the previous style. The detail view now uses the full screen, so all annotations (maps, photos, etc.) can be displayed even on devices with lower resolution (Surface tablets, etc.).

    In General Preferences, you can choose whether the detail view is shown automatically when you select a post, or whether the app bar is displayed, and you have to click/tap the View Post button to see the detail view. You can set this preference separately for the main screen and the thread view (which is explained below).

    The detail view has a tab bar that will show tabs for the data available for the post you are viewing. The possible tabs are Text, Location, Photo, Video and Rich Content. Click on a tab to view the content. The current tab will be highlighted with an orange background. A sample is shown below.

    The detail view also shows a detailed user profile to the left of the post content. A new button has been added titled "New Post @". This create a new post directed to that user (not a reply to the post you are currently viewing). The Load Stream button will load that user's stream on the main screen.

  3. Conversation view

    The thread stream type has been renamed "conversation stream". This stream consists of a post and all its replies, and is sorted by the date/time each post was added. It is displayed along with the other streams on the main screen. To view a conversation stream, select a post, then click/tap the Conversation Stream button in the app bar.

  4. Thread view

    There is a new way to view a post and its replies. The thread view shows replies to a particular post in a hierarchical format, with levels of indentation to visually display what was replied to. The view lets you see exactly what post was replied to, which is not possible with the conversation view.

    To see this view, select a post, and click/tap the View Thread button on the app bar. After the thread loads, the screen will scroll to the post you selected, and it will be shown with a purple background.

    You can also see this view by selecting a conversation stream (by clicking/tapping the stream header), and then clicking/tapping View Thread from the app bar.

    The thread view refreshes based on the interval you set in your preferences for the Conversation stream. If a new post is added, it will be inserted underneath the post it was replying to, and it will be shown with an orange background to indicate it is new. Once it has been scrolled into view and then out of view, the orange background will go away.

  5. links open within Ferret

    If you click on a link to an post within a post in Ferret, it will now open within Ferret instead of opening in your default web browser.

  6. Scroll position remembered

    If you navigate away from the main screen to the thread view screen, or a user profile, when you return to the main screen, each stream is now scrolled back to the position it was in before you navigated away. Previously, each stream was scrolled to the newest post.

  7. Streams refresh immediately when you return to the main screen

    If you navigate away from the main screen to the thread view screen, or a user profile, when you return to the main screen, all streams will immediately refresh. Previously, the timer for each stream would be resumed, so there might be a delay of minutes (depending upon your preferences) until a given stream refreshed.

  8. Snapped view

    The snapped view has been further refined and should offer a much improved experience for both the main screen and the user profile screen.

  9. Lots of small usability tweaks

    Many small changes were made to improve the user experience. For example, when you click the Reply button, a space has been added after the last username in the post, and the cursor is placed after the space, so you can immediately start typing your reply.

Bugs fixed in this build:

Known issues: